2022 CPC Outstanding Reviewer Awards

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We are pleased to announce the recipientsof this year's Outstanding Reviewer Awards.

The Outstanding Reviewer Awards are givento the highest-performing reviewers from 2021 and 2022, based on the qualityand quantity of the reviewers’ reports along with the Editorial Board members’recommendation. Congratulations to all our award recipients, and thank you foryour contributions to the journal!


Outstanding Reviewer Awards

Cao Gaoqing

Sun Yat-sen University

Chen Songbai

Hunan Normal University

Feng Zhaoqing

South China University of Technology

Ge Xian-Hui

Shanghai University

He Jun

Nanjing Normal University

He Song

Jilin University

Huang Fei

University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Lan ChangLin

Lanzhou University

Li Danning

Jinan University

Li Guangshun

Institute of Modern Physics, CAS

Liang Haozhao

The University of Tokyo

Ling Yi


Liu Jia

Peking University

Liu Xin

Jiangsu Normal University

Ma Chun-Wang

Henan Normal University

Ma Yan-Qing

Peking University

Meng Xin-He

Nankai University

Mohr Peter

Institute for Nuclear Research

Niu Zhongming

Anhui University

Okada Hiroshi

Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics

Pang Dan-Yang

Beihang University

Qi Chong

AlbaNova Univ Ctr

Shi Shuzhe

McGill University

Wan Linyan

Boston University

Wang Sai


Wei Shao-Wen

Lanzhou University

Xu Chang

Nanjing University

Yan Hao-peng

Peking University

Yang Jin Min

Institute of Theoretical Physics, CAS

Yuan Cenxi

Sun Yat-sen University

Zhang Guo-Hui

Peking University

Zhang Hongfei

Lanzhou University

Zhang Yingxun

China Institute of Atomic Energy