Cover Story (Issue 5, 2023) | Production and decay of polarized hyperon-antihyperon pairs

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Cover Story (Issue 5, 2023) | Productionand decay of polarized hyperon-antihyperon pairs

Authors: Karin SchönningVarvara BatozskayaPatrik AdlarsonXiaorong Zhou

Abstract: Polarized hyperon-antihyperon pairs shedlight on various unresolved puzzles in contemporary physics: How the stronginteraction confines quarks into hadrons, how accurately the Standard Modeldescribes microcosmos and even why our universe consists of so much more matterthan antimatter. Thanks to their weak, parity violating decays, hyperons reveal their spin properties. This can be exploited e.g. the decomposition of the electromagnetic structure of hyperons, precision tests off lav our symmetry and searches for CP violation. At the BESIII experiment at BEPC-II, Beijing, China, hyperon-antihyperon pairs can be produced inabundance. Recently collected large data samples have triggered the development of new methods that provide unprecedented precision and a plethora of newresults have emerged. When applied at future high-intensity facilities like PANDA and STCF, precision physics will be taken to a new level which can contributeto the solution to the aforementioned puzzles.

Key words: hyperon, polarization, CP violation, formfactors