1994 Vol. 18, No. 1

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A New Method of Gas Mixture Preparation for Nuclear Detector Use
Wang Yunyong, Wang Linzhou, Sun Hansheng, Hu Tao, Xu Zhiqing, Xie Dong
1994, 18(1): 1-5.
A new system for gas mixture preparation for nuclear detector use has been constructed with mass flow meter and controller.The accuracy is better than 1% (full scale).the time response is less than 3 seconds.The system has longterm stability.
Complete Fusion Excitation Function for the 16O+natS Reaction
Wang Sufang, Zheng Jiwen, Liu Guoxing, Chen Keliang, Bat Xingping, Zheng Pingzi, Zhang Huanqiao, Xu Jincheng, Liu Zuhua, Ruan Ming, LV Jun, Xu Kan
1994, 18(1): 6-12.
The complete fusion excitation function for the 16O+natS reaction has been measured in the range of 50-75 MeV with a step of 1.0MeV by using 1a position sensitive △E-E telescope system. The model parameters have been extracted from data analysis.The striking gross structure of the excitation function has been observed. The energies of peaks are at ECM=38,43 and 48 MeV respectively.
Study on Structure of Multilayers by Synchrotron Radiation Small Angle Diffraction Method
Wang Jun, Cui Mingqi, Xu Wenxuan, Huang Yuying, Wang Dewu, Liu Jianfei, Xian Dingchang
1994, 18(1): 13-19.
W/Si and Nb/Si multilayers were fabricated by magnetron sputtering technique and measured by small angle diffraction at the diffraction station of Beijing Synchrotron Radiation Facility (BSRF). The periodicity and composition of the multilayer were analysed. The simulation and experiment results were compared.
Supersymmetric Self-Dual Yang-Mills Fields
Zhao Liu
1994, 18(1): 20-26.
A new four dimensioqal (4d) N=1 supersqmmetric intgrable model,i.e.tqhe supersymmqtric self-dual Yang-Mills mqdel is conqstruted. The equqaions of motion forsq model are shwn to be equvalent to the zro curvauqre csonditon on some superplane in the 4d superspace,the superplane being characterized by a point in tahe praoject spaace CP3,4.The linaear systsems arew estawblished aqccoreding to this geometrical interpretation,and the effective action is also proposed in order to exzxzplain the dynazxmsaical contentassa of the model.
Dyson Boson Realization of the Fermion Dynamical Symmetry SP(10) Model with G Pairs
Shao Bin
1994, 18(1): 27-36.
The SP(10) or SO(12) fermion dynamical symmetry group is constructed when G pairs are included in the fermion dynamical symmetry model. In this paper, an exact boson realization of the SP(10dasd) group is shown by the application of the geralized Dyson boson mapping. The boson images of the SU(5) subgroup generators are the same as the generators of the sdg interacting boson model (IBM) SU (5fadsd) limit. The fodasrmula of the SU(5) energydsssa spectra in the phenomenological sdgssa IBM can be expressed in the microscopic pardmeters of the fermisaon dynamical symmetry model.
Infrared Vacuum Wavefunction of (2+1)-Dimensional SU(2) Gauge Field
Chen Qizhou, Li Zhibing, Li Lei, Guo Shuohong
1994, 18(1): 37-42.
Abstract:We propose a new method for determining the vacuum wavefunction of gauge field. The wavefunction so obtained is efficient in describing the slow varying configurations.
Helicity Formalism of the Angular Distributions for the Process e++e→J/ψ→V+X,X→3P
Zhang Jilong, Shen Qixing, Yu Hong
1994, 18(1): 43-51.
The helicity formalism of the angular distributions for the process e++e→J/ψ→V+X,X→P1+P2+P3(V and stand for vr and psealar meson, respectvely) are given in this paper. It provides the theical formula for determining the spin and parity of the intermediate state X of the above process.
Quantum Wormhole with Spinor Field
Wang Wenfu, Tao Caide, Shen Yougen
1994, 18(1): 52-57.
Using the Hawking-Page boundary condition, we discuss the quantum wormhole with spinor field. The corresponding Wheeler-De witt equation is derived, and the wave function of the wormhole calculated. After analysing the wormhole's wave function, we found that the probability density of the wormhole appearing at a=0 is zero, and the minimal radius of the wormhole is on the Planck scale.
Faddeev-Jackiw Quantitation of a Theory of Self-Dual Fields Interacting with Gauge Fields
Miao Yangang, Liu Yaoyang
1994, 18(1): 58-61.
The Faddeev-Jackiw quantization method ilied to the two-dimensional model of self-dual fields interacting chirlly with gauge fields. It is compared with Dirac's mthod and the eqvalence of th two methods is established.
A Simple Two-Band Mixing Model of Superdeformed Bands
Xing Zheng, Wang Yangli, Chen Xingqu
1994, 18(1): 62-67.
An irregular behaviour of the dynamic moments of inertia of the superdeformed bands in A~190 region is interpreted in terms of a simple two-band mixing model. A J(2) bump of 194Hg(b1) is predicted.
Effective Boson Number and Its Application
Zhao Yumin, Gu Jinnan
1994, 18(1): 68-73.
The methods to obtain effective boson numbers are reviewed briefly, and the evidence for the existence of the saturation phenomenon of effective boson numbers is collected. With the effective boson numbers presented by a semi-empirical method,formula of intrinsic quadrupole moment Φo as a function of NπNv for even-even nuclei with A≥70 are presented, and 142Ce and 144Nd are calculated numerically. These results are satisfactory.
The Effect of Symmetry on The Structures of Three-Body Systems
Ruan Wenying, Bac Chengguang
1994, 18(1): 74-80.
The geometric structures and modes of internal motion of three identical fermions system are investigated. The fermions are interacting via short-range two body potential having a repulsive core and an attractive tail. The results are compared with those of boson system.
The Ground State Energy of the Hypernucleus Λ6Li
Li Xungui
1994, 18(1): 81-84.
This paper extends the method of the harmonic-oscillator product state as basis function to the hypernucleus A6Li which is of non-zero spin. we have studied the characteristic of the ground state of the hypernucleus A6Li with this method and an α+ p + A three cluster model. The calculated result shows the method can be used to calculate the energy level of the system in which the interaction between the constituent clusters is spin-dependent.
Gluon Exchange Potential and Cross-Section for pp→ΛΛ Proce
Yang Yi, Yu Jianzhong, Zou Yongqing, Su Junchen
1994, 18(1): 85-90.
One and two-gluon exchange potentials (OGEP and TGEP) relevant to the pp→ΛΛ transition process are derived from the S-matrix in the a roximation of order p2/m2. An effective transition potential obtained from these gluon exchange potentials by the constituent quark model is employed to calculate the differential and total cross-sections for the pp→ΛΛ reaction in the plane wave Born Approximation.The calculated result shows that the relativistic correction terms in the OGEP and TGEP give considerable improvements on the cross-section in comparison with the previous calculations performed by making use of the OGEP given in the extremely non-relativistic a roximation.
Applications of the O(6) Limit of IBM1 with Three-Body Potential to the Even-Even Platinum Nuclei
Wang Huangsheng, Liao Jizhi
1994, 18(1): 91-96.
By introducing a simple effective three-body potential into the IBM1 Hamiltonian, the spectra of O(6) nuclei are improved. In this paper, the calculations of energy spectra and E2 transition probabilities of even-even 192—198Pt nuclei are carried out, and the results agree with experimental data fairly well.