1993 Vol. 17, No. 3

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Track Reconstruction of the BES Main Drift Chamber
MAO Ze-Pu, WANG Tai-Jie, WANG Shu-Qin, LI Wei-Guo, CHEN Guo-Ming
1993, 17(3): 193-201.
A detailed description of the software package of the charged particle track finding and fitting in the main drift chamber of BES(Beijing Spectrometer) is given.Some main characteristics of the package from the data taken at J/ψ energy; and the corresponding Monte Carlo simulation results are presented.
Precise Measurement of Gamma Ray Energies With HPGE Spectrometer by Slithering Comparison Method
ZHANG Tian-Bao, WANG Shu-Ying, WANG Hai-Dong, SHEN Zhi-Qi, MENG Bo-Nian
1993, 17(3): 202-207.
The energies of γ-rays from some nuclides around 500keV have been measured by a slithering comparison with the precisely known γ-energies of 192Ir.The energies determined by this method are 477603.18(44)eV for 7Be,5.11852.70(58)eV for 106Ru,514004.87(52)eV for 85Sr,520399.01(63)eV for 83Rb,529594.48(69)eV for 83Rb and 552551.14(68)eV for 83Rb,From the correction of the previous experiment by using the new result,the value of electron mass is obtained as 510998.6±1.1eV which is in good agreement with the recently adjusted value of electron mass.
Chiral Ward-Takahashi Identities at Finite Temperature and Chiral Phase Transition in (2+1) Dimensional Chiral Gross-Neveu Model
SHEN Kun, QIU Zhong-Ping
1993, 17(3): 208-214.
Chiral Ward-Takahashi identities at finite remperature are derived in (2+1) dimensional chiral Gross-Neveu model.In terms of these identities,fermion mass generation and the mass spectra of bound states are investigated at finite temperature.Taking the fermion mass as an order parameter,we discuss the phase structure and chiral phase transition and obtain the critical temperature.
Super-coherent State Representation of Lie Superalgebra B(0,1)
KUANG Le-Man, ZENG Gao-Jian
1993, 17(3): 215-221.
The concept of coherent states is extended o Lie superalgebras.Super-coherent states associated with the Lie superalgebra B(0,1) are constructed explicitly.And the matrix elements of the B(0,1)generators are calculated.An inhomogeneous differential realization is obtained.This realization is useful for the study of the quasi-exacly solvable problems in quantum mechanics.
SU(23) Grand Unified Model
CHEN Feng-Zhi
1993, 17(3): 222-226.
We constructed an SU(23) grand unified model and computed the unification scales MB and MG for different values of MA.We also discussed the classification of gauge bosons with masses of order MA.
The Identity and Renormalization of Pure Gauge Fields in Coset Space of Abelian Chiral Group
QIU Rong
1993, 17(3): 227-240.
We derived the identity which combines the measure of the path-integral of the generating functional and the effective action of the pure gauge field in the coset space of the Abelian chiral group,and is invariant under chiral transformation.With this identity the renormalization equations are established.The renormalization of the pure gauge field theory in coset space of the Abelian chiral group is carried out by solving these equations.
Conformally Reduced WZNW Theory,New Extended Chiral Algebras and Their Associated Toda Type Integrable Systems (Ⅱ)An Example
1993, 17(3): 241-251.
As an example and application of the method of our previous work,we construct explicitly the W algebra W[(pqp)2] by the use of the canonical formalism of the corresponding generalized Toda theory,namely the (pqp)2 Toda theory.Then we discuss various special limits of W[(pqp)2] and point out the isomorphism between W[(pqp)2] and W[(pq+p)1].
Average Yields of Long-Lived Charged Particles in High Energy e+e Annihilation
CHEN E-Sheng
1993, 17(3): 252-261.
Based on the quark production rule and quark combination rule,the average yields of longlived charged particles and average charged multiplicities in high energy e+e annihilation have been studied.The calculated yields of hadrons,average charged multiplicities and their energy dependences are all consistent with the available data.
Quantum Double and Quantum Double Pair——A Relation Between Quantum Algebras and Quantum Groups
WU Ke, GUO Han-Ying, ZHANG Ren-Jie
1993, 17(3): 262-267.
We introduce the concept of quantum double pair and proposed a method of realizing the quantum group from a given quantum algebra in terms of this concept.
Light Charged Particle Correlation Measurement in Intermediate Energy Heavy Ion Reactions
XI Hong-Fei, ZHAN Wen-Long, ZHU Yong-Tai, GUO Zhong-Yan, HU Xiao-Qing, LIU Guan-Hua, ZHOU Jian-Qun, YIN Shu-Zhi, ZHAO You-Xong, WEI Zhi-Yong, FAN En-Jie
1993, 17(3): 268-275.
The experiment results from the light charged particle correlation measurement obtained in 12C(46.7MeV/u)+58Ni experiment by using a 9 element CsI(Tl) hodoscope are reported.The definition of the correlation function and its extraction method from the experimental data are discussed in detail.In this paper the decay of the unstable particles is studied the correlation functions of various particle combination on 58Ni target are given.
The Competition Between Fragmentation and Transfer in 46.7MeV/u 12C Induced Reactions
LIU Guan-Hua, ZHAN Wen-Long, ZHU Yong-Tai, GUO Zhong-Yan, HU Xiao-Qing, XI Hong-Fei, ZHOU Jian-Qun, YIN Shu-Zhi, FENG En-Pu, ZHAO You-Xiong, WEI Zhi-Yong, FAN En-Jie
1993, 17(3): 276-282.
The co-existence and competition between f agmentation and transfer in 46.7MeV/u 12C induced reactions have been discussed.The reduced parallel momentum distribution width for transfer part extracted from our experiment is 44±10MeV/c,which is smaller tthan than for fragmentation part (80±10MeV/c).The probabilities for both projectile fragmentation and transfer processes are found to be dependent on the structure of the transferred cluster.
Investigation of the α particles in the Reaction of 294MeV 20Ne+159Tb
XIE Yuan-Xiang, HU Xiao-Qing
1993, 17(3): 283-288.
294MeV Ne Beam has bombarded Tb target.The energy spectra of emitted α particles have been measured at the angles of 10°—150° using ΔE-E telescopes and analyzed by means of three moving source models.The parameters associated with fast source,intermediate source and fusion evaporation source have been obtained.The shape,the peak value and the magnitude of the experimental spectrum have been reproduced by theoretical calculations.Moreover,the angular distribution of α particle has been also fitted very well.The experimental cross section of emitted α particles is 3300mb and the correspondent theoretical value by moving source model is 3700mb.