The Most Influential Paper Award of Chinese Physics Society in 2021

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We are pleased to announce the papers:

Search for QCD critical point by transverse velocity dependence of anti-deuteron to deuteron ratio” by Ning Yu(喻宁), Dingwei Zhang(张定伟), Xiaofeng Luo (罗晓峰)  (Chinese Physics C, 44, 014002, 2020);

Drawing insights from pion parton distributions by Minghui Ding(丁明慧), Khépani Raya, Daniele Binosi, Lei Chang(常雷), C. D. Roberts, S. M. Schmidt  (Chinese Physics C, 44, 031002, 2020);

Probing the scale of new physics in the ZZγ coupling at e+e colliders” by John Ellis, Shao-Feng Ge, Hong-Jian He, Rui-Qing Xiao (Chinese Physics C, 44, 063106, 2020);

Thermodynamics and weak cosmic censorship conjecture of 4D Gauss-Bonnet-Maxwell black holes via charged particle absorption” by Shuxuan Ying(应蜀翾) (Chinese Physics C, 44, 125101, 2020);

Isotopic cross-sections in proton induced spallation reactions based on the Bayesian neural network method” by Chun-Wang Ma(马春旺), Dan Peng(彭丹), Hui-Ling Wei(魏慧玲), Zhong-Ming Niu(牛中明), Yu-Ting Wang(王玉廷), R. Wada (Chinese Physics C, 44, 014104, 2020);

Covariant spin kinetic theory I: collisionless limit” by Yu-Chen Liu(刘玉琛), Kazuya Mameda, Xu-Guang Huang(黄旭光) (Chinese Physics C, 44, 094101, 2020);

Future Physics Programme of BESIII” by M. Ablikim, M. N. Achasov, P. Adlarson et al. (Chinese Physics C, 44, 040001, 2020);

were selected as The Most Influential Paper of 2021 by the Chinese Physical Society (CPS). This award was made to papers published in 2020 in Chinese journals which sponsored by CPS, based on the citations and influence of the paper.

We would like to offer our congratulations to the authors, and our best wishes for further success!